Sunday, May 17, 2015

NCS Reuben Awards predictions

Thank you Hogan's Alley for the kind words.
I have my fingers crossed but it won't be a shame to lose to two guys whose work I admire and consider friends. 

"NOMINEES FOR THE MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATION AWARD: Ray Alma, Anton Emdin and Tom Richmond. Truly a murder’s row of nominees here and one of the toughest categories to call this year. SHOULD WIN: Alma had a brilliant year, demonstrating a wide range of approaches, all of which clicked. WILL WIN: We think Emdin takes this division on the strength of his prolific, lush and simply gorgeous magazine work (including for the Australian edition of Mad magazine), but we won’t be surprised if 2011’s Reuben Award winner (and outgoing NCS president) Tom Richmond ends up on the dais making an acceptance speech (never underestimate the power of Mad magazine)."

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